Gas / Electric


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Gas and electric Döner Robots

Equipped with 5, 7, 10 or 14 burners or elektrical elements


• Sensitive and continuous Döner cutting in desired thickness

• Adjustable press on the meat feature during cutting

• Custom adjustable engine speed

• Removable railed and filtered meat chamber

• Manual cutting, in case of any failure

• Heater for maintaining the temperature of the meat cut

Some of the other advantages:

• Gas and electrical devices

• Capable of 24 hours operation

• Reduces overhead expenses

• Bring prestige to the buisiness

• Low energy consumption

• Long life radians and wires

• Monophasic operations

• Horizontal rotisserie mechanism preventing

damage to engine

• Döner engine capable of rotating both

directions and insulated from fat

• Cover plate for preventing damage to radians

with cleaning


• Easy to clean and easy to remove the parts

• Hygienic cutting without contact by hands

• High quality, best materials used

• High performance

• Easy software update

• Seesawing döner quarry with adjustable


• The quarry section can be replaced with

single or double row electrical or gas


• Air filtered cooling fans

• Manual cutting in case of any failure or



About the safety:

• Emergency stop button

• Easy to use and handle

• Remote control

• Taps with safety valve

About the knife:

• Wide cutting with circulair cutting knife

• Diameter of the knife is 140 mm

• Easy to remove, clean and sharpen

• Blade sharpening mode included

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